Kul Tiras changelog:

- Revitalizing Voodoo Totem fixed.
- Azerite reforge added.

Azerite Trait Generic:
- Dagger in the Back fixed.

Death Knight:
- Anti-Magic Shield absorb fixed.
- Runic Corruption fixed.
- Army of the dead ghoul damage corrected.
- Harbinger of Doom fixed.
- Grip of the dead talent fixed.

Demon Hunter
- Sigil of Silence fixed.
- Rain from Above: Fel lance damage fixed.
- Consume Magic pain/fury gain added.
- Demonic +8sec metamorphosis effect fixed.

- Nature's Balance: 50 lunar power out of combat part fixed.
- Twin Moons: moonfire spread fixed.

- Revive pet/Mend pet glitches fixed.
- Bloodseeker fixed.

- Shimmer Talent + Disaplacement fixed.

- Stagger fixed.
- Celestial fortune fixed.
- Chi Burst fixed.

- Inquisition duration fixed.
- Hand of Protector heal amount corrected.
- Judgement secondary effects fixed for holy/protection spec.
- Grand Crusader proc now gives 1 charge of Judgement is Crusader's Judgment talented.

- Light of naaru fixed
- Mindbender pet damage and Insanity generation fixed.
- Power of the Dark Side damage increase fixed.

- Lava Lash script improved.
- Primal Primer trait fixed.
- Natural Harmony trait fixed.
- Tidal Surge trait fixed.
- Rippling Waters fixed.

- Dark Pact absorb amount fixed.
- Endless Corruption fixed.
- Inferno fixed.

- Fixed an issue that caused permanently rooted bosses to enter infinite "immune" state on wipe.

Cataclysm 4.3.4 changes:

- Fixed and issue where cast modifiers did not remove correctly. (Clearcasting,Maelstorm...)

- Mind Control re-enabled in PvP.
- Inner Focus, fixes.

Battle for Azeroth changes:

Taloc released in N/H/Mythic difficulties
- Mother released in N/H/Mythic difficulties
- Fetid Devourer released in N/H/Mythic difficulties
Zek'voz released in N/H/Mythic difficulties

Generic PVE:
- Mythic+ loot rewards fixed.
- Mythic+ timer display fixed.
- Azerith Armors added into Mythic + rewards.
- Improved resurrection mechanics inside dungeons.
- Fixed a bug when encounter didn't complete if the boss died from non-player damage.

Generic PVP:
- Loss Control display handling improved.
- Many, many class damage/heal balance adjusted.

Generic Misc:
- Transmogrificaction cost fixed.
- Added proper horde/alliance variants for several crafted items.
- Fixed several AoE spells that ignored stealth/invisible units.


- Void Elf racial, Entropic Embrace fixed.

- Feral frenzy fixed.


- Flurry 4th extra damage removed.
- Displacement script reworked, several glitches fixed.
- Ice Form fixed.


- Kill Command 25% intant reset fixed.
- Aimed Shot damage increased.
- Careful Aim fixed.
- Scope and Ammo enchants fixed.
- Camouflage script reworked, now works as intended.
- Flare fixed.
- Trueshot +1 Aimed Shot charge fixed.
- Caling the Shots fixed.
- Hi-explosive trap fixed.


- Implosion fixed.


- Stealth no longer gets removed by friendly heals.


- Beacon of Light fixed.


- Earthen Rage fixed.
- Master of the Elements bonus damage fixed.

Death Knight:

- Bone Shield no longer removed from 1 hit.


- Penance missing 3. missile added.

Demon Hunter:

- Darkness fixed.

Mythic + System:
- Underrot, Atal'dazar and The Motherlode are now available up to Mythc +4!

The Underrot:
- New encounter available in N/H/M difficulties.

Premade BG:
- 10vs10 Rated BG queue now enabled on Kul Tiras realm.

Important rules change:

- During the past few weeks alone, we received a large amount of gold seller reports from our realms, which case seriously disturbs the fair gameplay and requires extra time from our Staff team.
Therefor we decided to change our rules, and give account suspension not only for the gold sellers, but also for the buyers.
Not being aware of the server rules or ignoring is not an excuse. By confirming the registration on the server players automatically agree with the rules.

To read the full Server rules, click the link below: http://forum.monster-wow.com/index.php?/topic/41035-monster-wow-rules/

Cataclysm fix pack:

- Optimalisation fixes.
- Loot handling fixed in 25/25HC difficulties.

Wild Mushroom rework.

- 150+ Quest re-scripted inclueded important and epic story lines.

Kul Tiras fix pack IX.:

New content:
- The Motherlode!! dungeon added in Norm/Heroic/Mythic

- Healing surge fixed for enhancement shaman.
- Maelstorm generation fixed from auto-attack and windfury proc.
- Windfury proc chance corrected.

Death Knight:
- Death pact fixed.
- Cold Heart fixed.
- Frostwyrm fury fixed.

Kul Tiras fix pack VII. :

General fixes:
- Old Expansion Dungeon/Raid Scaling fixed, now increases your damage while you are in old Dungeons/Raids.
- Heroic/Mythic items Quality/Item Level fixed, Heroic now drop 325+ Rare, and Mythic drop 340+ Epic.
- Fishing fixed and fishing loot added into new zones!

Warlock fixes:
- Felguard fixed, now have Energy instead of Mana.
- Hand of Gul'Dan fixed, now summon correct amount of Imp's.
- Power Siphon fixed, now generate Demonic Core with Sacrifice.
- Soul Strike fixed, Felguard now uses his spell when you command.
- Bilescourge Bombers fixed, the portal now summon Bombers.
- Summon Vilefiend fixed, the damage is increased.
- Nether Portal fixed, Soul Shard now summon a demon for you.
- Demonbolt fixed, now generates Soul Shard.
- Summon Demonic Tyrant fixed, the buff now affect all of your pets and the time increase part fixed too.
- Healthstone fixed, now shows the charge of your Healthstone.
- Implosion fixed, now can deal damage and can't miss.
- Demonic Core fixed, Dreadstalker part work with 100% chance.
- Sacrificed Souls fixed, Damage Bonus affect you while demons are out.
- Inner Demons fixed, now you summon Wild Imps every 12 seconds.
- Soul Shard System fixed, now generates Soul Shard while out of combat.

Warrior changes:
- Deep Wounds PvP damage reduced by 35% (was 25%)
- Execute PvP damage reduced by 25% (was 15%)
- Rampage PvP damage increment has been reverted. (was 25%)
- Raging Blow PvP damage increment has been reverted. (was 10%)
- Furious Slash PvP damage increased by 25% (was 0%)
- Siegebreaker PvP damage increased by 15% (was 0%)

Paladin changes:
- Wake of Ashes PvP damage reduced by 25% (was 0%)
- Blade of Justice PvP damage increased by 35% (was 0%)
- Divine Storm PvP damage increased by 15% (was 0%)
- Greater Blessing of Kings PvP absorb reduced by 65% (was 0%)

Rogue changes:
- System Shock PvP damage reduced by 25% (was 33%)
- Creeping Venom PvP damage reduced by 20% (was 33%)
- Envenom PvP damage reduced by 15% (was 0%)
- Deadly Poison PvP damage reduced by 10% (was 0%)
- Rupture PvP damage reduced by 10% (was 0%)
- Mutilate PvP damage reduced by 5% (was 0%)
- Pistol Shot PvP damage increeased by 15% (was 0%)
- Sinister Strike PvP damage increased by 15% (was 0%)
- Eviscerate PvP damage reduced by 25% (was 15%)
- Shadowstrike PvP damage reduced by 5% (was 10%)

Monk changes:
- Tiger's Palm PvP damage increased by 35% (was 0%)
- Blackout Kick PvP damage increased by 15% (was 0%)
- Spinning Crane Kick PvP damage increased by 15% (was 0%)

Demon Hunter changes:
- Chaos Strike PvP damage increased by 25% (was 0%)
- Annihilation PvP damage increased by 25% (was 0%)
- Demon's Bite PvP damage increased by 15% (was 0%)
- Demon Blades PvP damage increased by 15% (was 0%)

- New encounter added in Normal, Heroic and Mythic(from 22.12.) difficulties.
- 4 fully scripted Encounters and Non-encounter NPC's.

General dungeon fixes:
- Heroic difficulty Loot fixed, ilvl 325 + chance for Warforge/Titanforge.
- Mythic difficulty Loot fixed, ilvl 340 + chance for Warforge/Titanforge.
- Dungeon finder implemented for BfA dungeons.
- In instance Release Spirit system fixed.

Quest system:
- New World Quests implemented.
- Emissary Quest system fixed.


General fixes:
- Fixed some combat bug issue.
- Fixed that issue where Legion items cannot be equiped above lvl 110.
- Communication (chatting) betwen factions is fixed. (No longer available.)
- Taunt spells fixed for every class.
- Critters and low health creatures now gives you correct amount of experience.
- Portal to Orgrimmar added to Undercity. (Next to Hellfire Penninsula portal.)
- Heritage cosmetic sets added.

- Winterweil event fixed.
- Arathi Warfront event start at 18.12. for the Alliance !

World Quests:
- New Quest added.
- Emissary quests complete and reward fixed.

Demon Hunter fixes:
- Soul Cleave fixed, heal coeff using the real numbers now.
- Fixed an issue where Throw Glaive didn't do anything.

Warlock fixes:
- Chaos Bolt damage reduced by 6.18%
- Backdraft fixed, and re-enabled.

Hunter fixes:
- Kill Command (Beast Mastery) damage reduced by 30.98%
- Kill Command (Survival) damage increased by 2.48%
- Dire Beast pet damage and attack speed lowered to the retail numbers.

Zone fixes:
- Kennings Lodge, Winterdeep Mining Camp & Fizzsprings Resort off-storylines in Tiragarde Sound fixed. (Breadcumbs in Bridgeport.)
- Stormsong story lines, new quests added.

Fix pack(14.12):

World Quest system BfA:

- World Quest system implemented. If you find any bug, please report on bugtracker! There is still a lot of bugs, but we work hard on it. (picture)

-  Fix the issue where some old Legion transfered items cannot be equiped, items which still got this issue should be sold at vendor.

- Portal Trainers and BfA Portals are fixed.

Havoc Demon Hunter:
- Trail of Ruin damage increased by 12.18%
- Fel Barrage damage increased by 3.15%
- Fel Devastation damage increased by 2.55%
- Chaos Strike damage reduced by 30.57%
- Eye Beam damage reduced by 7.94%

Vengeance Demon Hunter:
- Sigil of Flame damage reduced by 69.97%
- Fracture damage reduced by 33.28%
- Soul Cleave heal fixed.
- Feast of Souls heal fixed.

- Blind Fury fixed, now generating Fury every seconds.
- First Blood fixed, now increases the damage of your Blade Dance on the first target struck.
- Master of the Glaive fixed, now slow your target.
- Chaos Strike fixed, now have 40% chance to refund 20 Fury.
- Fixed an issue where Soul Cleave costs more than 30 Pain.

Warrior fixes:
- Single target spells now consume Whirlwind stacks with Fury Warrior.
- Mortal Strike fixed, applies Mortal Wounds.
- In For The Kill fixed, works with Warbreaker too.
- Intercept now can be used on friendly targets too.

Hunter fixes:
- Focus Regeneration system reworked, used the official blizzlike numbers.
- Volley fixed, real proccrate added.
- Terms of Engagement fixed, now generates Focus.
- Aspect of the Wild fixed, critical strike increases added.
- Steady Focus fixed.
- Beast Handler Kalatak now flagged as Stable Master. (Zuldazar)
- Fixed an issue you cant place pets on the first stable slot.

Paladin fixes:
- Infusion of Light fixed, works only with Critical Strike.
- Art of War fixed, real proccrate added.


- Improvement on Personal Loot system
- Fix an issue with scalling quest items.
- Milling loot fixed for BFA herbs.
- Many,many subsystem implemented for World Quest system, release tomorrow.

Arms Warrior:
- Execute damage fixed.
- Rend damage fixed.

Fury Warrior:
- Whirlwind damage reduced by 24.71%
- Raging Blow damage reduced by 24.83%
- Rampage damage reduced by 54.59%
- Execute damage reduced by 26.41%
- Bladestorm damage reduced by 49.98%
- Furious Slash damage reduced by 50%

Protection Warrior:
- Shockwave damage fixed.

Warrior Talents:
- Sudden Death now let you use only one Execute.
- Death Sentence now works on Fury talent too.

Beast Mastery Hunter:
- Kill Command damage reduced by 30.39%
- Barrage damage reduced by 36.94%

Marksmanship Hunter:
- Aimed Shot damage fixed.
- Barrage damage reduced by 36.94%

Survival Hunter:
- Flanking Strike fixed.
- Wildfire Bomb DoT damage reduced by 7.12%
- Butchery damage reduced by 6.76%
- Raptor Strike damage reduced by 6.48%
- Carve damage reduced by 6.25%
- Mongoose Bite damage reduced by 6.15%
- Serpent Sting damage reduced by 5.71%
- Steel Trap damage reduced by 4.11%

Pet Spells:
- Bite damage increased by 29.58%
- Claw damage increased by 29.58%
- Smack damage increased by 29.58%

Hunter Talents:
- Flanking Strike fixed, the Hunter now jump on the target and deal damage.
- Chakrams fixed, visual added.

Restoration Shaman:
- Riptide and Chain Heal now applies Tidal Waves on the caster, and can be consumed only by Healing Wave and Healing Surge.
- Flash Flood talent fixed, buff applies after consuming Tidal Waves.
- Lava Surge fixed, can be procced only by Flame Shock.

- Scrapper system implemented! (picture)
- Fix an issues with Heart of Azeroth leveling.
- CC spell durations and DR system implemented for BFA.
- Vol'dun story line fixed.
- Tiragarde Sound story line extend.

- Dungeon finder fixed, under development Dungeons are now properly closed.
- Core mechanics improvement and features extend.
- Crash fixes
- Exploit fixes
- Tiragarde Sound story line, new quests are implemented.
- Nazmir story line, new quests are implemented.
- Stormsong story line, new quests are implemented.
- War-Campaign Scout map implemented and new quests are unlocked.
- Paladin class fixes.
- Rogue class fixes.
- Stealth mechanics improvements for every related spells.

- Crash fixes
- Respawn times adjusted
- Creature script improvements
- Quest script improvements
- Fix and issue with Auctionhouse loading after restart
- Profession trainers fixed in Horde zones
- Skinning fixed
- New Block mechanism are implemented and related talents are fixed.

We are happy to announce, that our Battle for Azeroth realm will be going to released  at 10th of December.  Here is some important information which you must know about Kul Tiras:

- Every Sargeras Characters/Guilds/Mounts/Companions/transmog will be transfered by default into Kul Tiras, but Sargeras will continue as a Legion server.
- All six allied races will be playable and available for Race change also.
- All new Continents and Warmode available.
- Max level changed to 120
- More than 100+ scripted Battle for Azeroth story line quests with cinematics are waiting for you, and this number is counting.
- Server rates will be 12x , what you can adjust from 1-12x for your own style.